Packaged Beans

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Since 1948, the Hurst name is recognized in the industry as being a first quality packager of edible dry beans. The Hurst quality begins in the fields. Over eighteen varieties of beans are selected from the choicest growers in more than sixteen bean producing states. These experienced growers use only U.S. quality seed; they field inspect their crop and monitor proper harvesting for the Hurst label.

Consumers today are more keenly aware of the need for better nutrition in their diet. A public educated in the benefits of foods low in fat and cholesterol, but high in protein and fiber, will find Hurst’s products to be a whole, nutritious food, meeting most of the requirements for a balanced diet. Beans are a near perfect food and deliciously compliment any meal.

The N.K. Hurst Company has always been dedicated to accepting only U.S. #1 grade products from choice growers. We take pride in continuing to exceed government standards for the food industry. This means choosing only the “Best of Crop Year” product, rejecting any old crop, split or broken beans and refusing mixing or blending of grades. These facts are made evident by the Hurst family motto: “Quality First.”